Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Wanted to share a side project I've been working on.  I've been doing embroidery for my Viking costume for the SCA, and it's been fun to do!

The top picture is my device, an eight-pointed Melchizedek's seal with a circle and a triskelion within. The bottom one is more of a Celtic design rather than Viking. I've been doing some research into different styles of Viking art and will attempt to incorporate more traditional stuff into my costume.

I went to a SCA event this past weekend, wherein I participated in a "hunt" and got to shoot targets with my bow. I've never competed with archery, and it was super fun! I also didn't realize how accurate I was with my bow either, so that was cool to see.


There's so much I've wanted to do with my writing, but one of my big focuses has been revising Book 4 of The Legacy Incarnate: Incarnate Key. I had intended on finishing In Chaos Forged before doing other major stuff, but my heart has been set on Legacy Incarnate, especially now that I intend to add 2 more books to the series to round it out better. I've gone back and forth between Incarnate Key and ICF, and I have so many fun and great ideas for both stories.

Have a nice one.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hthelath, the Guardian

A little update and art to share with everyone. I've been focusing on a couple of editing and revision projects at once, but I won't announce what they are at the moment. I've been all over the place with my projects, since I've wanted to work on multiple ones with very little extra time. However, they're slowly coming along.

Below is a rarity of art from me, as I don't do inked pictures a lot anymore. This is a character that appears in Book IV of the Legacy Incarnate. He doesn't really have a definite form, and instead takes on a few different forms. He's made out of millions of magic bubbles filled with light. Of course, it was difficult for me to get that image across with just ink and paper, but I'm still happy with how this piece turned out, especially considering this is the first time I've drawn Hthelath.

As far as life goes, I've enjoyed being a full-time mom. It's an interesting experience learning to teach children on the go, although I've had some help along the way. My sons bring me such joy, and having our family together for all eternity is wonderful to think about.

There's been times where I've been afraid of monotony, and I've felt it, but I'm branching out and trying new things so that I'll have a life for myself alongside the life I dedicate to my family. Lately something I've been gearing up for is the Society of Creative Anachronism, or SCA. It's an educational live role-play society that's found all over the world. The focus is on medieval cultures and dress, and I've chosen to do a Viking persona as a way to connect with my Scandinavian ancestry. I've been gathering materials for an apron dress, and with some help, I hope to get the costume together for Halloween. In this process I've learned a little bit about the Vikings themselves.

Hope you enjoyed the art!

Friday, June 30, 2017

I WILL survive

Hello readers! I have survived my second pregnancy and we've been blessed with a beautiful little boy. It's been stressful and a little crazy these last few weeks, but I'm grateful to be recovering quickly. The labor and delivery was low-stress, and that made it easier on my body than my first pregnancy.

Anywho, you didn't come here to read about how my body's doing. I've jumped back into writing, and lately have been putting a lot of effort into finishing a short story I started some time ago. I've been thinking more about doing an anthology of Libera stories, partly as a way to put myself out there more with potential readers and publishing venues. I've been jumping between stories a lot lately, as I found it hard to concentrate on just one story with my low energy levels. Weird.

I also have some art I'd like to share. I shared it on my personal Facebook page weeks ago, but it's time I publish it here.

Our favorite wingless lupogryph, Tarcua. I had filled in the color for this piece and was at a loss as to how to shade it in, so I let it sit for a while. After getting some inspiration from oil pointing and doing some practice with digital painting using some similar techniques, I was able to finish this piece. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I plan on using this picture for Tarcua's CCG card. This was done completely in Krita on my Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet.

Monday, May 22, 2017


With the baby on the way I haven't had much energy or creativity, so apologize for the long break between the last post and this one. There's only a few weeks to go, so this may be my last post for another long while.

I've done some writing and reading over manuscript material. I thought I knew what my priorities were with projects, but I've found myself a bit at a loss on which one I've really wanted to work on. It's something I need to think about. What would be really wonderful is if I had enough mental energy to work on more than one project like I did before the pregnancy, and even for a while before that. Bbbbbbbbbbb.........

Here's some art, a concept of the castle Vartun from the Chronicles of Libera series. Done in Krita.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Free ebook, last day

I'm sorry for the delay in posting links to the newly published Incarnate Memory; I didn't remember to release the books until the night of the 17th. I was out of town and things were a little crazy and I totally spaced it.  However, the ebook version will be free all the rest of today on Lulu, so please take advantage of that. Incarnate Memory is also available on Createspace and Amazon.

For the hard copy, I encourage my readers to buy directly from Createspace rather than Amazon, as it helps me royalty-wise. They're the same price on both sites. After today, the ebook version will be $4.99 on Lulu.

Meanwhile, I've jumped back into writing In Chaos Forged, and I can tell how much my writing style has developed since I put the project aside. I'm both daunted and excited to continue writing this story!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Incarnate Memory Release Date - April 17, 2017

After months of revision and editing, Book III of The Legacy Incarnate: Incarnate Memory is ready for release! Get ready for the adventure on Monday, April 17. I will first release it on the Createspace store, and within the next few days thereafter it will be available on Amazon. It will be $13.99.  The ebook will be available on Lulu.com for free Monday through Wednesday, 4/17-4/19.

Finishing up this project has been a huge relief for me. Though I enjoy the revision process, it can be mentally and emotionally tolling, and with my energy already low during my pregnancy, it's been the only thing I could truly focus my remaining creative energies on without fraying my nerves. Now that it's finally ready for print, I can move on to other projects, particularly Hammer of Fire.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Covered in Mud

I got my proof copy of Incarnate Memory last week and have been reading through it for errors.  I've found many that need some correction. I also need to modify the colors on the cover so they don't print so dark!

I had been pushing to get this published by the end of March, but now I'm going for the end of April. I don't have an exact date yet.

However, to whet your appetite, I'll offer the book summary and a short excerpt from Incarnate Memory for you to enjoy!


After spending five years in Adajerre on the gods' errand, and driven by a sacred oath, Sabra turns her attention to the northern province of Urak, where she knows someone that might shed light on the trade of elven flesh in the White Seas.  After she is reunited with her friends Deborah and Tarcua, she learns that youth from the Lunar Temple have been stolen into possible slavery, sharpening her determination to learn the truth.  With the help of a former enemy, Sabra, Tarcua, and Deborah set out to find a fortress inhabtted by a people who can give Sabra the answers she seeks.  However, their knowledge will come at a brutal price that will test the limits of Sabra's strength and patience. And if that were not enough, the scars left by the Golden One have awoken into a terrible curse that induces memories to become painful reality.

Xenta Di'curio is one of those stolen from his home in Hakor and forced into a massive mining operation overlooked by Unia'a and humans twisted by necromancy. There he meets Caemorr, a young woman not much older than him, and though they are forced to commit the unthinkable to keep each other safe, they will forge a bond that will give them the strength to survive the horrors of their sadistic masters.

With monsters forcing sentients into slavery and a Hunter curse sucking away her sanity, Sabra must learn the secrets of freeing her own spirit before she can begin to free others from nightmarish servitude. As Caemorr's only friend, Xenta will learn that the gods' love can reach into the darkest of places and that hope in Their power is priceless.